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Host, Majora Carter

Water Blues Green Solutions

Discover ways of protecting and restoring our rivers and sources of drinking water.

Explore our stories by location or theme and create your own journey. Scroll down from any media component for companion resources that will help you adopt green solutions to solve your water blues.

Landscape Architecture
Greening Philadelphia
Green Roof Research
Benefits of a Marsh Ecosystem
Build a Rain Garden
Where Does the Water Go
Municipal Water and Sewer
Conservation vs Growth
Watering Lawns
San Antonio
The Bronx
Making a Difference
Maximizing Water for Agriculture
Managing a River for Wildlife
Timelapse Project Creates New Look At River
Bioswale Helps Flooding Problems
Pittsburgh Plans to Get Sewage Out of the Water
“Rain Tax” Helps Keep Pollution from Waterways
Bronx River Greenway
Restoring Lives & Rivers
Restoring Species
Bronx River House
Green Jobs
Edwards Aquifer
Water Restrictions
Urban vs Rural
Reusing Waste Water
Polluting the Aquifer
Land Conservation
Restoring the River
Macroinvertebrate Counting
The Benefit of Cleaner Waterways
Municipalities and Green Infrastructure
Land and Watershed
Seacoast Development and Water Quality
A Community Blazing a New Trail to Clean Water
Oyster Farming
The Changing Face of Water Management
The Technology of Water: Learning More to Use Less
Forecasting a Crop’s Water Needs
Living in Treated Wastewater
What Trees Know about Drought
Making the Desert Blossom as a Lawn
CSO Solutions
Conewago Creek
Inspiring Engineering
Wetlands Research
Creating a Sustainable City
Green Schoolyards
Affordable Green Infrastructure
Stormwater Fee
Rain Check
Green Cities